Vicky Hoffman

I believe the arts are essential and can bridge the rich diversity of our communities.
My fascination with views of the Earth and the transformation of places began when I was a young girl. I would lay in the back seat of our family car during camping trips, gazing at the tall trees of Yosemite. At night, the trees morphed into tall people. I still remain intrigued. I wonder what life is like at a street corner or intersection.  My aim is to create a new environment with a new perspective in life.  Is it possible to invent a new world?

I use maps, grids and tactile materials to provide a slightly more intimate perspective. I apply mixed media and encaustic paints to create a veil of light, depth and transparency to achieve an abstract environment.

With the Transitions exhibit, my goal was to explore and renew the unexpected and sometimes forced transitions in life.  My work interweaves between discourses, environmental influences and emotions.

For Twigs, I was inspired by the complexities of a bird’s nest found in my backyard. I wove imagery with abstract environment to explore the intricacies of the natural world to create unique surroundings.

For inquiries about sales or more work not featured on this website, please contact me at:

PHONE  310-993-1732
LOCATION  California